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Scott Switzer isn’t your average fitness buff. He discovered CrossFit late in life thanks to a health scare and a healthy dose of fate, and transformed his life. But the transformation was more than physical. His soul was forever changed. Now he’s paying it forward. He’s a husband and father, a dedicated athlete, a coach, a staple as a volunteer at CrossFit competitions small and large around the country, co-host of 2 fitness podcasts, and working on more ventures in the space that have the potential to allow him to make a shift in his career to be all-fitness, all the time.






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Shred CrossFit

Hopefully, we’ve all had at least one coach in our lives that has inspired us. I’ve been lucky enough to have a few in my years and CrossFit Trainer Mike Milloy, one of the first coaches I had when I started CrossFit, is a coach that inspired not just my fitness journey but also helped motivate me to become a coach myself. In this episode, we talk about what got Mike started, what inspires him, and some of his favourite memories leading from the front of a class.



The shutdown that closed most gyms around the world during the pandemic was a significant disruption for gym owners, coaches and athletes alike. The process of planning how to safely reopen once health and safety officials would allow it was a challenge no gym has ever before faced, but Dave Rafuse and Jason Davis of Blended Athletics started planning their return to their physical space on day one of the shutdown. We talk about how they planned and implemented health protocols and how they were able to get their membership to embrace the new normal of coached group classes during the pandemic. 



Blended Athletics:

In this episode, I share my thoughts on the latest in a series of developments in the upheaval at CrossFit HQ.





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Black Lives Matter USA:


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Make PODS Great Again:

Olympic weightlifter Quinn Everett and his coach, Isaac Smith, having big, audacious goals for the future - to represent Canada in weightlifting at the Olympics. And they’re firming up the foundation for success that they feel strongly will get there there one milestone at a time. We talk about the mindset Quinn and Isaac each have, how their careers intersected and where the road ahead may take them.





Quinn Everett on Instagram

Isaac Smith on Instagram

How do you keep a healthy mindset with everything that’s going on - or not going on - as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak? Our lives have been substantially disrupted with very little certainly to find with the unpredictable circumstances we face. How do we cope? How do we rearrange our lives and our way of thinking to remain strong through difficult times? And how does a fitness fanatic CrossFitter like myself and many of you out there adapt and overcome these challenge? I talked to CrossFitting psychologist Dr. Susie McAfee about these very questions and more.



Life Centre Psychology

Some Good News with John Krasinski

For day 14 or my promised 14 days of the Self-isolation Fitness Challenge Home Workouts, you’ll get a little single-leg strength work under your belt, if you’re able, followed by some grip and core strength.

With a running clock for 14 min

  • 3/3 Squats (alternating Pistols)
  • Up to 60 seconds Farmer’s Carry

Rest however long it takes you to do the prior round before continuing with the next round.

For this workout, you’ll optionally need a chair or other target to which to squat if you’re not going free-standing (or you could use it for balance) and you’ll need to handled objects of the same weight (or very close) to carry.

Full description and demo video at

We’re almost at the two week mark of the self-isolation workouts! Here’s what I’ve got for you for Day 13.

Every 2 min for 6-10 rounds

  • 7 Tall Muscle Snatch
  • 7 Overhead Squat
  • 7 Kettlebell Swings

You’ll need a dowel for the snatches and overhead squats. Focus should be on the proper way to move and maximize the range of motion for each - consider this technique practice above all. And follow that with some kettlebell swings with a heavy-ish handled object. You’ll do 7 of each movement within 2 minutes, and whatever is left over is rest before the next round. Go for 6 to 10 rounds in total.

Full description and demo video at

For day twelve of the BoxJumper Self-isolation Fitness Challenge, we have a theme! 12 minutes of 12 reps of each of a lower body, a middle body and an upper body movement, with lots of variations on each for added intensity.


  • 12 Walking lunges / jumping switch lunges
  • 12 sit-ups/atomic sit-ups/K2E/TTB
  • 12 push-ups

No gear needed if you want to do all three with just bodyweight. You may want a wall, chair, or countertop for the push-ups to avoid taking full bodyweight, and if you want to scale up the crunches, you may want a set of dumbbells or a pull-up bar - but all fo the above are entirely optional.

Full description and demo video at

Today's workout includes a little unilateral work (loading of one side of the body at a time), mixed with a bit of heart rate raising cardio is on deck for today's workout.

6-10 rounds (3-5 per side)

  • 8 Single Arm Power Clean and Press
  • 8 Single Arm Front rack squat
  • 30s Shuttle walk/run

You'll need an object that you can move with one hand (I use a giant peanut butter jar and a dumbbell for my examples) and a spot where you can do shuttle walking or running (assuming you don't feel like doing it in place). That's it! Go to it, and have fun!

Full demo at

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